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Absolutely, No difference between the UPC Codes offer SnapUPCCodes and GS1. 

UPC Codes are assigned on products uniquely. So if you have 4 products, you need 4 UPC Barcodes to list them on Amazon or on any similar site. 

If you have variation in products , in that case you need more barcodes. For example – if you have 4 difference t-shirt color combination then you need 4 different upc code instead of one.

To sell on Amazon, Etsy, Ebay etc. or any other other marketplace they usually ask for UPC or EAN Barcodes to list your product.

Yes, the UPC or EAN Codes provided by us are 100% authentic and approved from GS1. You can use it on any marketplace.

UPC acronym as Universal Product Code. The UPC Code is basically used to identify the product uniquely. UPC Code is a 12-digit code which is assigned by GS1. EAN Codes acronym as European Article Numbers which is also used for same purpose – listing your products. EAN Codes are country specific and it is formed as country code+prefix+check digit. 

But if you have UPC Codes, you can easily make it EAN Code by just adding a zero in-front of 12-digit UPC Code.

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