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What Is UPC And Where To Buy Cheap UPC Codes For Amazon

Do you want to sell on Amazon but are confused about which barcodes to use?

Are you unclear about what is UPC and where to buy cheap UPC codes for your Amazon listings?

This post will succinctly answer the most common bar code questions I get asked from brand new Amazon sellers including…

  • What is UPC, EAN, ISBN, JAN, GTIN?
  • Where can you buy cheap UPC codes for Amazon?
  • What is a GS1 barcode?
  • How can you file for a GTIN exemption and bypass the need for a UPC code?
  • Which barcode should you stick on your packaging for Amazon?
  • Can you use cheap barcodes sold by UPC resellers?
  • What is an FNSKU and what do you do with it?
  • How many UPC codes do you need for your products?

In addition, you will learn the nuances of the different flavors of UPC barcodes and what is legal to use for Amazon in addition to retail outlets like Walmart.

Even with seasoned sellers, I’ve discovered that there is still confusion regarding Amazon’s labeling and barcode requirements.

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