Method of getting the UPC code?

Method of getting the UPC code?

How to get a UPC Codes for Amazon

In UPC code, first six to nine digits of barcode of your company prefix. The company prefix is special/different identifier of the product’s manufacturer. Initially as a supplier, your company prefix will remain the same on the UPC codes of all your different- different, buying UPC codes for amazon. Each product that offer to be assigned a unique product code which also known as UPC code or barcode that will obey your company prefix.

There are numeral ways to purchase a company prefix, however it’s important that the company prefix can be traced back to your business. Business owners often make mistakes purchasing their UPC code from a company other than GS1. There’s only cannot lead to legal issues, but can also impact the mistakes of your brands supply chain as well.

Where might be tempting to go with a 3rd party barcode vendor, or find a cheap UPC code on websites like eBay, the cost of buying UPC codes from GS1 is much less than the money you can potentially lose by purchasing accepted standard UPC codes.

How to get a UPC Codes for Amazon?

If in case you having not packaged or designed your labels for your product, you can obtain a digital barcode file directly from GS1 to incorporate in the packaging and labelling of your product. Almost all manufacturers or makers will be comfortable with the idea of working with UPC codes/barcode and understand how to contain them from a digital file for amazon.

If you have already packaged and labelled your products, you can order UPC code/ barcode labels to stick on your product or its packaging. To get more information contact us +1(315) 820 9009 and visit us-

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